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About Us

Our Founders, from left, Olga, Rosalia and Gabriela.

House of Olia is founded and designed by the Avila sisters: Olga, Rosalia and Gabriela (pictured above in order). Born and raised in Orange County, CA, beach living, along with weekend excursions in the family RV, was a way of life. Trips to visit extended family in Guadalajara, Mx., left its mark on the sister’s imagination. Family time, no matter where they were, was always an immersive experience in mother nature’s elements.

With age and wisdom, the sisters started learning about the healing properties these elements had to offer. Developing a deep understanding, that our bodies and intuition gravitate to elements of light and healing. 

The bond and synchronicity they share, soon brought the three women to aligned career paths. Simultaneously, they decided to end their corporate careers, merge their love for style, design, spirituality, and start HOO. Their powerhouse backgrounds in influencer marketing, product development, brand strategy, creative design and direction were the perfect ingredients for a flourishing minority women owned business. With a leap of faith, they launched their purpose-driven brand, House of Olia.

The inspiration behind House of Olia is deeply rooted in the experiences with their mother Consuelo (pictured below). Her keen eye for aesthetic, and creative expression, was passed down to her daughters. It’s what fuels their passion for creating beautiful, thoughtful designs. These pieces are destined to become staples in ones jewelry collection, and worn for years to come. 

All of the jewelry is handmade by them at their Newport Beach headquarters. Every piece is intended to renew, awaken and fill the heart with purpose. Each crystal or pearl has a story, healing properties, raw edges and textures in its beauty - just like all of us. 

HOO designs are grand finale pieces, and their purpose is to reinvent the way one layers. No rules, no guide, just driven by love and intuition. Magnifying the desire to capture the essence of every individual’s unique expression, of what it means to look and feel beautiful.